Sleep Coaching Packages

Sleep Coaching Packages

newborn sleep coaching packages

A Baby Lady's Newborn Bright Beginnings Sleep Package

Investment: $150

Right from the beginning we can start to establish healthy habits that promote optimal sleep. Newborn sleep is always changing and it can be overwhelming and confusing to know what’s best. All tips and techniques are attachment friendly, support breastfeeding and are developmentally appropriate.

Topics Covered:

Understand your baby's ever changing sleep needs and rhythms month-by-month

Create a safe sleep-friendly environment

Establishing bedtime and naptime routines

Techniques and tips on how to best enjoy your time with your newborn

Develop strategies for your unique family to get your best sleep as a parent

Asian baby girl sleeping on the towel

A Baby Lady's Total Sleep Support Package

Investment: $395

A total care package for families with children 5 months to 6 years old. By this age we can begin formal sleep training. Methods are attachment parenting friendly, breastfeeding supported and gentle on the child and parents.

Create an enjoyable peaceful bedtime routine

Gain Uninterrupted sleep for child and parents

Enjoy living life feeling well rested and alert

Be able to plan your days around a consistent nap and bedtime

Indulge in alone time for parents

A Baby Lady's Gentle Sleep Workshop

Investment: $125

For parents of children ages 5 months to 5 years – maximum 2 adults per family. This 4 hour workshop is a gathering of parents who are facing the same sleep challenges and are ready to learn some gentle sleep strategies. We will share stories, solve common problems and have the opportunity to create a personalized sleep plan that can be used that very night.

We will be covering:

Common sleep problems and how to correct them for nights and naps.

Creating a Gentle Sleep plan for your child. Families will be able to create their sleep plan while being guided through creating your plan and answering your questions.

Possible issues you might encounter and how to successfully deal with them.

2 follow up phone calls per family with me (to be completed within 3 weeks of the workshop).

NOTE: If you feel your sleep situation is unique or complicated, a 1:1 consult with me may be more appropriate for you than a group format.